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How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Mobile phones have gone from being luxuries to becoming an indispensable part of our lives. Virtually everyone has a smartphone these days, and we’ve become so dependent on our mobile devices that we cannot put them down even for a second. 

Statistics show that 47% of smartphone users in the US say that they cannot live without their phones. Little wonder we get so anxious when our batteries die, or we lose our iPhones. 

Because we use these devices for important things, there’s a lot you can uncover about a person when you go through their mobile phone. Why do you think individuals in romantic relationships often want to snoop through their partner’s texts whenever they suspect they’re cheating? 

In fact, we can guess you’re reading this article right now because you’re looking for a way to spy on someone’s phone. Of course, we can argue going through someone’s privacy isn’t appropriate, but some situations – like suspicions of infidelity in marriage – can push even the most righteous of us to the extreme. 

That said, this blog post discusses how to spy on someone’s phone using a cell phone spy app. Interested in monitoring a friend or partner? Let’s see how.

Why Do You Need to Spy on Other People’s Phones? 

Snooping through someone’s phone is wrong and almost everyone agrees. However, there are some situations that might push you to spy on someone’s iPhone, especially a loved one. Quickly, let’s look at a couple of reasons why you might seek experience on how to spy on someone’s cell phone:

To Keep Your Kids Safe 

Kids are fond of getting into a lot of trouble, and the freedom of the World Wide Web makes it even easier to get into different kinds of tricky situations. On the Internet, children find themselves at the mercy of sexual predators, cyberbullies, and other vices that put their well-being at risk. 

For this reason, parents often want to spy on their kids’ phones to find out if they’re into any activity that might cause them harm. 

To Spy on a Cheating Spouse

Most google search queries on how to spy on someone’s phone for free are from married couples or individuals in romantic relationships. Of course, this fact shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially with the prevalence of infidelity today. 

Most people often want to go through their lover’s phones whenever they suspect they’re having an affair because most cheating spouses leave traces of their extra-marital relationships in their SMS history. So, if you suspect your lover is cheating on you, their text messages and social media inbox should help you attain clarity.

To Keep an Eye on Employees

Disloyal employees can ruin your business. They can sell company secrets to competitors or embezzle funds and put the company in a financial debacle. 

That’s why most company executives install phone trackers on the mobile devices of their staff to monitor their activities and make sure they’re not into any activity harmful to the firm. 

To Steal Confidential Information

Hackers can install spyware on your device to steal confidential financial information for cybercrime and other malicious activities. Someone might even hack into your phone to snatch information to blackmail you and ruin your reputation. 

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

If you’ve tried going through your child’s phone, you probably know it’s difficult to gain access. Why? For one, since kids are always with their phone, it’s hard to find a time when they leave it lying around to read their texts. 

Furthermore, almost everyone has a security lock on their smartphone these days, and you’re not likely to get past this firewall even if you get hold of the phone when they’re not looking. That’s why most people look for how to spy on someone’s android phone remotely. 

But is this possible? 

Yes. With smartphone spy apps, you can spy on people’s phones without having direct access to the device. However, if the target uses an Android smartphone, you may need physical access to install the spy app.

However, for iOS devices, you do not need physical access to the phone to install or set up the application. Typically, you only need the iCloud credentials of the iPad or iPhone to link the spy app to the cell phone. 

Using a Phone Spying App – 100% Discreet and Undetectable

If you’re looking for how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free, spy apps are the most reliable solution we can recommend. Not only do they work 100% in stealth mode, these applications also come with features that grants you access to everything on an Android or iOS device. 

With a cell phone spy app, you can keep an eye on text messages, phone calls, location, web browser history, media content, social media accounts, and lots more. Some spy apps allow you to use a keylogger to record all keystrokes on the target’s device. 

Who Needs a Spy App? 

Spy apps are an efficient mobile surveillance solution, but who needs them and why? Let’s take a look:

  • For Parents 

Parents can use spy apps to keep an eye on their kids to ensure they’re not getting themselves into any danger by using the internet. 

If your child spends a significant number of their time with their phone, you may want to install spyware on the device to keep an eye on their mental health and overall well-being.

  • For Spouses

While the Internet isn’t solely responsible for infidelity in marriages and relationships, we can’t deny it has made it easy for people to engage in illicit affairs outside their intimate relationships.

That’s why for some people, going through their spouse’s phone is the next logical step whenever they notice signs of unfaithfulness. However, because of how challenging it can be to get a hold of someone’s phone when they’re not looking, most people use spy apps or other surveillance methods to monitor their spouse. 

  • For Employers 

For business owners, spy apps are a way to protect their business from employee fraud and disloyalty. With these mobile applications, you can monitor your staff’s mobile phones and computers to ensure they’re not dragging the company’s name to the ground with their involvement in illicit activities. 

How to Spy on Someone Else’s Phone. Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

What Can I Use to Spy on a Phone Without Touching It?

Spy apps are the most reliable way to monitor a smartphone remotely. While you’ll find other solutions on the Internet, they’re usually flukes and are not trustworthy. 

How to Install Cell Phone Spy Without a Target Device?

Installing a spy app on a target smartphone is relatively straightforward. For Android devices, you’ll need to pay for a subscription plan from the app’s website and download the software on the target phone by following set-up instructions sent to your email. 

However, if you’re buying the app to monitor an iOS device, you’ll need to have the smartphone’s iCloud credentials to link the app to the phone after paying for a subscription. 

Is There a Free App to Spy on Someone’s Phone?

While there are some free spy apps, the vast majority of them come with a payment plan. Nonetheless, these applications are affordable, and there’s no need for you to go beyond your budget for them. 

Can Someone Spy on My Phone Without Touching It?

Yes, with a spy app, you can spy on a phone without having direct access. With the “Control Panel” initiative present on most of these offerings, you can view the data on a target’s device anywhere, anytime.

Can I Check the Browser History of the Target Device, Including Searches Done In the Incognito Mode?

Yes, most spy apps give you access to web pages opened in Incognito mode on a web browser.

Can I Spy on Someone’s Cell Phone Without Being Detected? Is the Spy App Detectable?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s phone without getting caught. Most spy apps work in stealth mode, and this feature keeps your partner from finding out you’re watching him. 

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